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So, i've been coming to the conclusion of writing in English instead of Swedish. For the simple cause that Swedish people can (most likely) read English - when rest of the world can not read swedish. For sure it's more swedish people who is following my blog. But i received the question a couple of times so i will try it out.


Tomorrow i'm free from work, so i will take the time to get some more ink. I am so exited my friends. It's gonna be LIT as f. One tattoo for sure, maybe two if we have time for it.


One more think that i'm planning to do is to dye my hair back to blonde. I really like the dark color... But i don't know. In a couple of months i'm off to Greece again and it's gonna be a pain in the ass to keep it dark. In general i prefer lighter hair in summer.

I'm gonna dye it white/silver - blonde. The result that will turn out after my own haircolor grows out is a really good lookin' ombre. I had it before and i like it. People who's been following me for over a year knows what i'm talking about.


The picture is not with ombre, it is a very old picture off myself when i had white hair, this is the color i want to have once again.
Look at my ears, crazy. It’s 38mm big.

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