To be comfortable in your naked you.
The most important thing is that - you simply can’t be comfortable without clothes if you’re not start with the fact of being comfortable without all the things you are hiding your truly self behind. Your makeup. Your flattened hair. If you can’t go out from your house without putting lashes on. If you can’t go to work without your hair all fixed.
I mean. It’s nothing wrong with doing all this kind of stuff.
But the important thing is, that you need to ask yourself -
Are you doing it for yourself - or for somebody else?

You need to be safe in your own house. And that would be your body. If you get what I mean?

You are gonna spend you whole life in your own body. Nobody else’s. So it’s time for you to spend the time in your home the way YOU want to. With clothes, without them. With makeup. Without makeup. You need to be comfortable in all ways it’s possible to be. You need to be proud. And happy.

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