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Good morning! (afternoon) Morning for me. I just woke up, and i'm pretty tired. I'm always in a bad mood after waking up, it doesn't matter if i wake up seven o'clock in the mornin', or if i wake up half past four in the afternoon. I need coffee, and no speaking during at least one hour. i don't get people who actually likes or are able to talk to each other in the morning. Everyting is just so wrong for me. For example. Mostly i wake up hungry but when everyting is done and i'm about to eat. I can't eat? I just feel ill and then i get more upset and everything turns out like shit. But if i don't eat everything turns out like shit as well. Literally. - Coffee is good, but not one liter if you are a tiny piece of shit human. - with a tiny piece of shit belly. Well, fore sure it's not so good to drink 1 liter coffee in the morning without food for a big person either. So imagine how bad i would feel.


Pro tip from me to you (and also from me to me because i suck at this.); Always start your morning drinking one big glass of water. Like, if you wake up hungry but instead start with a big glass of water you're gonna feel that you're not THAT hungry. You're still gonna feel that you hungry (of corse).
Because you're always thirsty after so many hours of sleep and no water, but many people don't feel that when they just been waken up (like me) Maybe they're to busy thinking about hating people and how good it would be with a liter of coffee (like me)


Anyway! It's friday. Beerfriday with the two most lovely girls in the whole world. First i'm off to work but it's for just four hours today so i'm gonna have my cold beer in a short while. Hang in there girl!

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